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What need consider when customizing a display rack?

We used to go out to buy stuff, and when we saw something we liked, we picked it up, thoroughly examined it with the salesman to understand the price and other product information, and then decided to buy it. With the advancement of the Internet era, we now live in a world of increasing ease. We are astonished by the variety of things on display. Because the identical product wants to grab our attention right away, we must focus on the outer packaging display. The most visible product, particularly in supermarkets, is the product display rack display. So how do they go about selecting the best display for their products? From four points, respectively, are function, material, style, and cost. The following is small talk about the four points in detail:


1. Logo type: highlight the brand, instructions, and other content, mainly to play a promotional role.

2. Storage type: With this type of display rack capacity, you can stack a large number of products, creating a sense of plentiful display.

3. Promotional type: the main feature of this type of display stand is its eye-catching color scheme and ease of movement for multiple recycling.

4. Display type: The main purpose of the display type is to show the products to consumers 360°, so it should be specially designed to focus visual attention on the products.

5. Auxiliary type: The auxiliary type of display stand is used to make the function of the product perfectly displayed so that consumers can understand the functional use of the product.

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What should I consider when creating necklace packaging?

Necklace box packaging design is highly significant for companies, and businesspeople are very conscious of the profit and brand exposure that packaging brings. However, some merchants have reported that, despite having done the packaging design, they did not get the desired result. Why is this the case? In this essay, we will primarily look at the three factors to consider while creating jewelry boxes.

1. Reasonable connotation

A reasonable connotation can boost consumer trust in jewelry, develop good brand awareness, and aid in the exploration of jewelry design concepts. As a result, in the process of designing necklace packaging, we must have a suitable connotation. Rather than seeking high-quality packaging materials and advanced packaging technologies mindlessly, all of these characteristics are only extraneous requirements; connotation is the true mainstream. There are numerous methods for emphasizing the connotation of the necklace box package design, but the most straightforward method is, to begin with the color and provide customers with a visual effect so that the use of color may draw their attention, thereby increasing consumption.

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What are the materials of necklace boxes?

I'm afraid it's difficult to say when humans first started wearing jewelry. The earliest human jewelry may most likely be dated back to the Stone Age. With the development of the entire jewelry industry over the last century, the development trend of the entire jewelry industry is also getting better and better, but the corresponding development of the jewelry packaging industry is slow, and the level of practitioners is also uneven. With the advancement of the jewelry sector, people are paying more attention to the beauty of this piece of packaging, in addition to the product itself, which is becoming increasingly important. From the necklace box, there are more and more various kinds of necklace jewelry packaging boxes on the market, to let you a more intuitive understanding of the current market necklace jewelry packaging boxes often use materials, and Xianda packaging will give you a more professional and systematic introduction from the following three aspects:

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The development of China's jewelry packaging industry

The size of the jewelry market in mainland China has now surpassed trillions of dollars. The jewelry packaging business has now created a preliminary scale in tandem with the rising development of the jewelry sector. There are now a large number of companies involved in jewelry packaging. However, from the standpoint of development, it still appears incredibly immature, as evidenced by several issues such as single variety and a lack of industry standards. What causes these issues to arise?

1. The jewelry industry in mainland China started late

Consumer demand for jewelry has long been the primary position of the preservation of value, because jewelry belongs to luxury goods, only in the rapid economic development, people's lives are more affluent when there will be greater consumer demand. In the last decade or so, China's jewelry industry has begun to reflect its vitality, as it has taken the freighter of China's rapid economic development, and the Chinese jewelry market has become increasingly active.

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Classification of packaging cartons

Packaging cartons are frequently employed in the sales packaging of a wide range of products, including food, medicine, and electronics. With varying transportation and sales requirements, the types of cartons and paper boxes are becoming increasingly diverse; thus, how can we classify cartons and paper boxes, and what are the methods of classification? The following is based mostly on two areas of analysis.

1. Classification of packaging cartons

Packaging cartons are more complex and diverse than cartons. The common classification method is according to the processing method of cartons to distinguish. Generally, it is divided into folding cartons and pasted cartons.

Folding carton is a kind of sales packaging with wide applications and many structural changes. It is generally divided into tube folding cartons, tray folding cartons, tube tray folding cartons, non-tube non-tray folding cartons, and so on.

Like folding cartons, sticker cartons can be divided into three categories: tube, tray, and both tube and tray according to the molding method. Each major type of carton can be subdivided into many subcategories according to different local structures, and some functional structures can be added, such as combinations, window openings, additional carrying handles, etc.

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What are the advantages of acrylic display stands?

Because of the extensive usage of acrylic, when we go shopping, we will discover shopping malls, supermarkets, bars, and so on. Particularly in the mall, there are a variety of different sizes of items displayed, and the majority of them are made of acrylic, such displays to the most cosmetic category. Why do most businesses employ acrylic manufacture for display shelves? Here we shall look at the benefits of acrylic display stands.

1. High translucency:

In the mall display rack will inevitably install a lot of lights to achieve the lighting effect, and there is acrylic material translucency up to 92% or more, so in many cases are using plexiglass material to produce light boxes or small displays.

2. Easy and convenient installation:

Acrylic panels are easy to process articulation, more can be directly bonded in combination, so you can and different for combination installation. This installation mix will increase the beauty of the cosmetic display rack.

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What factors should be considered in electronic cigarette packaging box design?

Nowadays, with the rapid expansion of the economy, our living standards are improving, and people's demand for electronic devices, in addition to everyday food, clothing, housing, and transportation, is increasing. These electronic gadgets, such as electronic watches, cell phones, electronic scales, digital cameras, and so on, are indispensable in our daily lives. These electrical items are among the most precious, and the quality criteria for their packaging boxes during the manufacturing process are highly stringent.

Electronic products packaging box is used to package these advanced electronic devices; its cardboard packaging box must be strong and sturdy, and the transportation method must be able to safeguard these products from being squeezed or colliding.


The internal design of the electronic product box should be able to hold the product and fit the size of the product. This design protects the product from being rattled while also allowing buyers to see the product more clearly from the outside. The outward design of the electrical product box should correspond to the product's performance. Like cell phones, its packaging box network will be designed to print on the company's logo or product logo and then printed on the phone's memory and operating speed. This is not only convenient for consumers to view, but more convenient for businessmen to take the.

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How are wooden gift boxes created?

The inventive manufacture of wooden wine boxes

With the rapid expansion of the social economy, people's living standards are improving, consumption is expanding, and expectations for the beauty and utility of items are rising. To compete in the market, merchants also invest heavily in the packaging of their products, such as wine boxes in everyday life, which are made of plastic, paper, wood, iron, aluminum, glass, and so on. These boxes are attractively designed and come in a variety of forms, but discarding them after usage not only wastes resources but also contributes to pollution in the environment.

Nowadays, the entire world is in favor of environmental protection and reusing things. So, an old wooden wine crates be repurposed? Of course, you can; today we'll utilize wooden wine crates to create some unique items.

Wooden wine boxes are typically used to package high-quality wine or foreign wine, and their boxes are elegantly constructed and sophisticated. As a result, recycling wooden wine boxes is the most convenient and straightforward option. Wooden wine boxes are often rectangular or square, and we can reuse them based on the size of the box. We may construct larger wooden wine boxes as flower pot racks, storage boxes, artisan decorations, and so on. Smaller wooden wine boxes can be used to make pen holders, napkin boxes, nut trays, and other items. So, how do you make these things? Let's begin with one of the most basic flower containers.

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Market demand and folding box prospects

A folding box is a type of carton available on the market that can be printed using a variety of printing techniques, has a very low processing cost, and is simple to carry. Additionally, folding cartons are excellent for automatic packing, making it simple for retailers to sell and show their goods. They are also recyclable, which is excellent for the environment.

The criteria for product packaging materials are becoming increasingly stringent as people's knowledge of environmental preservation grows. People's imports of food packaging standards are more severe for items such as milk, fruit juice, snacks, and fruit. As a result, the environmental performance of folding boxes is meeting people's needs and gradually replacing the market of plastic bags and plastic weaved bags.

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Uses of kraft paper packaging boxes

Every industry is always introducing new products to draw clients as society develops. There is no exception in the packaging sector. The packaging industry is continually innovating and creating new products to fulfill consumer demands and help companies grow their existing product lines. This innovative product, which most consumers have embraced in recent years, is Kraft paper packaging boxes. Why are kraft paper packaging boxes so popular with consumers? Let's discuss it today as a group!

First, kraft paper packaging boxes perform well in terms of the environment. We are all aware of the current global emphasis on energy efficiency and environmental protection. Due to their unique characteristics, plastic bags are only occasionally used because they are difficult to degrade. Kraft paper is a type of paper that is simple to break down and won't pollute the environment when it does so. Businesses choose kraft paper materials for product packaging in response to environmental protection regulations.

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