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Corrugated Packaging Solutions

The future for all things corrugated is looking bright.

Valued at $155 billion in 2017, the global market is expected to double by 2025, expanding at a CAGR of 4.6% from 2017 to 2025.

This massive growth will most likely be attributed to an increase in disposable income and savvy consumers who will expect a certain level of quality from box packaging.

Coupled with the demand for sustainable efforts, increased applications for corrugated materials, and lowered prices, it will add up to a big win for corrugated box packaging.

Corrugated material is strong, cost-effective, and recyclable, but it’s not perfect.

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Packaging Box

Changes in Manufacturing & Operations

3D Printed

Additive manufacturing technology has captured our imaginations over the last few years with its ability to create complex shapes and designs on demand, which would otherwise be unattainable or wildly resource-intensive through traditional manufacturing practices.

In the future, 3D printing promises to raise the bar up high via print-to-order manufacturing.

For packaging prototypes, 3D printing will provide a vastly superior option over current methods, offering flexibility, efficiency, and cost reduction that will meld design and manufacturing.

3D printing will also offer a more sustainable path for the packaging industry. With manufacturing usually done overseas for cost efficiency.

3D printing will allow the packaging industry to manufacture for a much lower price. Through integrating manufacturing and warehouse facilities the overseas shipping costs as well as CO2 emissions will be significantly reduced.

As printing quality, speed, and material choices increase over the next ten years, 3D printing will have a larger impact than anticipated on the packaging industry.

This will most likely lead to smaller and smarter spaces that utilize large-scale printing for products and packaging, coupled with smart warehouse elements such as:

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Packaging Box

AI & Machine Automation

Smart Warehousing Future consumers will expect made-to-order products shipped quickly. As previously mentioned, cognitive computing, robotics, IoT connectivity, and other innovative technologies will come together to form comprehensive fulfillment solutions to meet this demand via smart warehousing. The shift from today’s slow processes to tomorrow’s faster, smarter practices will hinge on several innovations. These innovations include the introduction of: predictive maintenance (instead of waiting for something to break, systems will anticipate and address accordingly) cobots (robots that will work in conjunction with humans), IoT standardization (allowing for effective network connection) integration of print-to-order manufacturing.

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Packaging Box

Automating Home Delivery

Automating Home Delivery

By 2028 and beyond, delivery, as we know it, will change.

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock recently has gotten a glimpse at a future filled with whirling drones and rumbling driverless vehicles.

Through innovative projects like Amazon’s drone initiative and self-driving Ubers, automated home delivery is quickly becoming a reality.

Driverless Trucks

In 2016, self-driving startup Otto, which was acquired by Uber, successfully traveled 120 miles to deliver 2,000 cases of beer.

This marked the first-ever commercial delivery via self-driving technology and grabbed the attention of companies worldwide with its safety, speed, and efficiency.

According to the World Economic Forum, the use of automated delivery will reduce accidents by as much as 70%, lower fuel consumption by 20%, and save up to 1.2 billion hours of transport time over the course of a decade.

Drone Delivery and Concerns

Leading the helm of last-mile solutions is drone delivery, but the tech isn’t without its issues.

Many are concerned with the complexity of door-to-door fulfillment, especially in crowded urban areas.

Others have speculated about the potential for theft, property damage, invasion of privacy via data collection, safety (think of all those weighty Amazon packages overhead), and the logistics nightmare involved with such vulnerable technology.

Alternative Delivery Options

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Packaging Box

What is CMYK?

What does CMYK stand for?

RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue and is a commonly used digital color space for screens.

The CMYK color space is used for all print-related mediums.

This includes brochures, documents and of course packaging.

Why does ‘K’ stand for Black?

It was Johann Gutenberg who invented the printing press around the year 1440, but it was Jacob Christoph Le Blon, who invented the three-color printing press.

He initially used an RYB (Red, Yellow, Blue) color code – red and yellow gave orange; mixing yellow and blue resulted in purple/violet, and blue + red provided the green.

In order to create black, all three primary colors (red, yellow, blue) still needed to be combined.

Realizing this apparent inefficiency, he added black as a color to his press and came up with the four-color printing system.

He called it RYBK and was the first to use the term ‘Key’ for black.

The CMYK color model continued this by using the same term for black, thus carrying on the history of ‘K’.

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How to Create Cost Effective Premium Packaging

Due to the growing demand for luxury goods and the increasing competition for niche markets, it’s a no-brainer that opting for a premium box is the right direction.

According to Dot Com Distrbution, 61% of consumers say they are much more likely to repeat a purchase of a luxury product if it came in premium packaging.

Premium packaging can benefit your presentation and promotional needs in any industry by enhancing and adding value to both your products and brand.

Many businesses prefer the option of a premium box.

However, when the cost comes into the equation, it can be very disheartening – especially for smaller to medium-sized businesses.

Luckily, there are ways you can create affordable premium packaging without necessarily using premium material.

It will not only cost less, but it will surely compete at the same level as your larger competitors.

Let’s jump right in and explore some options!

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How to make the gift packaging design more attractive?

With the continuous innovation and development of the packaging design industry, the form of product gift box packaging design is also constantly innovating, and a variety of new packaging methods are emerging, among which, product packaging design is a very unique packaging method, in the gift box packaging design of some high-end products, the requirements of this packaging design are more general. Packaging allows consumers to have an intuitive feeling of product gift box packaging design, such as touch, sight or smell. Functional packaging is mainly to protect what is inside the package from losing any value, while the packaging described here is mainly to establish an external overall feeling, such as smell, texture structure, visual effect, etc. Another purpose of packaging is to maintain the integrity of the product.

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Why is gift box customization loved by customers?

When most customers buy a product, the first thing they see is not the product, but the outer packaging; if your gift box looks inconspicuous and ordinary, the possibility of being ignored is high, so that people will have a glimpse of it. So what exactly is it that is loved by customers, let’s find out together.

1.Color distribution and reconciliation: do packaging planning must understand what colors are suitable for distribution, do not put on the same chart, combined with product characteristics and their own color allocation is better, there will be no sense of incongruity.

2.The proper use of elements: some elements are commonly used in packaging gift box planning to make the picture high-grade and beautiful. If the elements are used properly, they can not only add points to the picture, but also highlight the style of the product.

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Packaging Box

Classification Of Paper Packaging

In our daily life, we can't do without the existence of paper packaging boxes. There are many applications for packaging boxes, ranging from a courier box to a work of art. Many of them are related to packaging boxes, so what are the classifications of packaging boxes or cartons? Xiao Lu Lai of Ji Cai Packaging will briefly introduce the classification of packaging boxes according to different classification methods.

Classified according to the industry application of the packaging box:

1. Tea packaging box

2. Wine packaging box

3. Electronic product packaging box

4. Tobacco packaging box

5. Cosmetic packaging box

6. Gift box

7. Food packaging boxes (moon cake packaging boxes, sugar packaging boxes, hardcover packaging boxes for all kinds of food)

8. Decorative packaging boxes for leather goods, clothes, jewelry, etc.

9. Packaging boxes for watches

10. Other industry types of packaging boxes

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Packaging Box

High-end Gift Box Production Process

The production process of the gift box is much more complicated than the folding paper box. The rear processing of the folding paper box is generally printed--surface finishing (hot stamping, silver coating, partial UV, bulging, etc.)--die cutting-- Glue box - inspection - boxing is completed.

The production process of the gift box is made by printing - surface finishing - overcutting die cutting - gray board die cutting - gray board slotting - gray board forming - outsourcing material paste - assembly - inspection - loading The box is completed. From the flow of the two products, the process of the gift box is complicated and complicated, and the process standard is much higher than that of the folding carton.

The high-end gift boxes that are common in our daily life, most of which are made of paper, and the paper surface is also most suitable for applying more processing, so the following is a process description using paper as the fabric.

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