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Top 5 packaging box suppliers in China

There are many packaging box suppliers, but not all of them can provide customized cartons for packaging. Therefore, in this article, we have compiled the top 5 packaging box suppliers who are very efficient in every aspect.

1. Dongguan Xianda Printing Co., Ltd.

Business Type: Custom Packaging Box Manufacturer

Address (Headquarters): No. 1003, Baida International E-commerce Mall, Guowu Village, Humen Town, Dongguan City, China

Year established: 2006

Specialties: customized flower boxes, perfume boxes, calendar boxes, chocolate boxes, and baby boxes

Xianda is the best packaging box in China, equipped with a first-class design team. Their boxes are durable, strong, reliable, eco-friendly, and generally excellent, and they are highly rated among cardboard box manufacturers in China.

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What are the advantages of the folding gift box?

When it comes to gift giving, how it's presented is just as important as the gift itself. This is where folding gift boxes come in.

So, what exactly is a folding gift box? It is a box that easily folds flat for storage and transport, but can also be easily assembled into a sturdy, attractive gift box when needed. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles, these boxes are a versatile and convenient option for any gift giving occasion.

But what are the advantages of using a folding gift box over traditional gift wrap or other types of gift boxes? Let's take a closer look.

First of all, the folding gift box is very convenient. As mentioned, they can be easily stored and transported when not in use, taking up very little space. Folding gift boxes are a more practical alternative to traditional gift packaging that is bulky and difficult to store. They're also easy to assemble, with many designs featuring a simple fold-and-fold method that requires no tape or glue.

Another advantage of folding gift boxes is durability. These boxes are made of strong materials, such as thick cardstock or corrugated cardboard, and are designed to hold up well during shipping and handling. This means your gift will arrive at its destination intact without any crushing or tearing like other types of gift wrap.

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10 Ways to Brighten Up Your Shipping Boxes

1. Include a Note

Adding comments to gifts is always appreciated. Handwritten notes are preferable. You can attach a hang tag or postcard to the shipping box, or you can be more personal and place the message or note inside the gift. When the receiver opens the gift, it will be a pleasant surprise.

2. Make use of personalized tape or labels

Custom tape or labels are a quick and easy way to add a seasonal accent to your shipping boxes, especially since you'll be sealing them anyhow. In this manner, your package stays safe and secure while being festive.

3. Festive Paper Towels

Make your void fillers for protection do double duty. Custom images that convey the spirit of the holidays can be printed on tissue paper. Use seasonal trends, but don't forget to include components of your company's logo as well.

4. Use Two-Sided Printing

Because they aren't put on store shelves, shipping boxes with holiday designs are typically kept hanging. However, warehouse shopping has gained popularity in recent years, so get the interior and outside of those boxes printed! It's unusual to see and will generate attention in the locations of your boxes.

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How are custom boxes created?

Although custom boxes can be produced from a variety of materials, these two are the most common choices for this kind of packaging:

Paperboard SBS (solid bleached sulfate): This whiteboard is made of virgin fiber. It is offered both coated and uncoated. Additionally, it is usually flat and light, which makes it ideal for printing. Cutting, folding, embossing, and hot-foil stamping are simple. This substance is appropriate for luxury packaging used in pharmaceuticals, retail, and other industries.

Corrugated board: This is a paperboard that has been laminated in the middle using fluted paper. The fluted paper gives the box a cushioning effect, protecting the main item. Depending on how fragile your product is, you can pick between a single-wall or double-wall construction. Click here for corrugated box kraft.

Let's get started on the making of custom packaging boxes now that you are aware of the materials that are employed.

Graphics and Design

Before the manufacturing process can start, you must first supply the design for your custom-printed boxes. You are the one who knows what you want to display to your clients or what interests them. Customers can create designs using the custom design configurator that Packlane offers, depending on the colors, sizes, and graphic components they choose.

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How to Select the Most Effective Packaging Material

Each customer's interaction with your brand is greatly influenced by the packaging. The font, color, and box design selections you make draw attention to the things you've worked so hard to How to Select the Most Effective Packaging Material

Each customer's interaction with your brand is greatly influenced by the packaging. The font, color, and box design selections you make draw attention to the things you've worked so hard to make and distinguish your brand.

Nothing is more disappointing than discovering your great brand design and packaging ideas won't function with particular materials after you've spent the time and effort to make them. So, how do you prevent this and produce a fantastic design that goes well with the materials you choose for your package? Learning about some of the materials used on the Xianda items is the best approach to avoiding some of that tension.

Understanding the various materials available will help you narrow down your choices, create a design that gets the attention of your customers, and showcase your items the way you see them, whether you're trying to revamp your present offering or you're brand new to the process altogether. Need to know more? When it comes time to create your art, keep these suggestions in mind.

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Custom Boxes: Their Types and Advantages

Depending on your industry, the following custom boxes are available:

Five Different Types of Custom Boxes

Mailing Boxes

A mailer box is a simple piece of paperboard packaging that comes with interlocking tabs and dust flaps that hold it together without the use of adhesive or glue. Mailer boxes are made of corrugated cardboard, which is typically E-flute (1/16′′) or B-flute (1/8′′). Because of its double sidewalls, the box is more durable and resistant to damage than other types of paperboard packaging. Mailer boxes are suitable for retail and gift packaging. They're also great for subscription boxes and other promotional kits.

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where can i buy a tea box?

When buying a tea box, there are a few things to consider. First, you need to consider the type of tea you want to buy and how much tea you need to store. Second, you need to decide on the design and quality of the tea box. Finally, you need to consider where you can buy tea boxes that meet your requirements.

Fortunately, there are several options when it comes to shopping for tea boxes. One popular option is to buy tea boxes wholesale. This can be a good deal if you want to buy a lot of tea boxes. Wholesale suppliers often offer discounts for bulk purchases, so you can save money by buying in bulk.

Another option is to look for a tea box supplier who specializes in high quality custom tea boxes. These suppliers are usually more expensive than wholesale suppliers, but they can offer a wider range of designs and materials. Some tea box suppliers also offer custom branding options, which is a great way to promote your company or brand.

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How to increase the sustainability of packaging

28.1% of the annual municipal solid garbage created is made up of product packaging. That equates to about 83 million tons of garbage every year. However, the most alarming aspect is that these numbers are now around four times larger than they were in 1960.

There are no indications that the popularity of e-commerce will ever decline, and this packaging waste trend is only expected to grow. It's not all terrible, gloomy, and dismal, though. With a few little adjustments to your packaging procedures, it is possible to reduce the packaging effect of your company.

Priority should be given to paying attention to and comprehending the origin of your packaging, as well as what happens to it once your clients discard it. Additionally, you must take into account the carbon footprint of your packaging materials during shipping and storage.

Once you are aware of these things, you may work to use materials that are more environmentally friendly across the full lifecycle of your package.

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How to Use Custom Gift Boxes to Enhance Your Brand

Consider a world without custom packaging and custom gift boxes. Everything you ship via mail is packaged in identical boxes with nothing to distinguish your products from the rest. Nobody posts pictures of your packages on social media, and people don't buy based solely on packaging.

Doesn't it sound horrible? We're lucky we're not stuck in 1995. In today's modern world, running a business entails keeping up with marketing trends to compete with other businesses like yours. Many people shop online while still in their pajamas. This implies that your main rivals are just a few clicks away. It comes as no surprise that most human businesses succeed in our fast-paced business culture.

It may sound complicated to design gift boxes for packaging, but it doesn't have to be. Knowing what your customers want makes it easy to create a box that exceeds their expectations. Remember that you can print on both the inside AND the outside of your box. Use every available area to share your story and elevate your packaging. Show off the personality of your brand!

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Why Purchase Preprinted Shipping Boxes

The way you package your products has a big impact on how customers feel. It is intended to safeguard your goods while being transported, but it should also leave clients with a positive impression of your company. When you can ship with flair, why would you send your goods in plain brown boxes or basic envelope mailers?

Preprinted boxes provide an affordable yet attractive packing solution if you're not quite ready to invest in custom-printed shipping boxes. (Click here for Custom Printed Soap Boxes)Utilize striking hues and imaginative patterns to set your business apart from the competition. To improve the unwrapping experience even further, you can add a personalized label or packaging fillers.

Exclude the lead time for production

Analog or digital printing is used to create custom corrugated packaging. The creation of print plates or dies is necessary for analog print processes like flexography and litho lamination to transfer the artwork to the desired substrate. Custom packaging buying requires print plates and dies, which can be time- and money-consuming for start-up companies, especially if you need a low-volume order.

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