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A letter from Customer

Hi Lolita,

I just got your chocolate box and shopping paper bag from Shipping agent. Its looks amazing.
For the carton packing also very rigid and protect the chocolate box and shopping bag too. Especially have plastic corner on outer carton and wax corrugated cardboard inside of the carton. 

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What’s kinds of Flower box style we can do

What’s kinds of Flower box style we can do
Xianda Printing is founded in 2009 which is from Dongguan city,South of china.
We have over 100 worker, design team department, production department, Qualiter checker department, Warehouse department. Each step we will provided client top quality and best service.

We have many client in Euro and Norther American, over ten country.

We have our own tube box machine to make the round flower box, here below is the tube size we have.

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Custom all kinds of luxury flower boxes

Do you still have concerns about the packaging of flowers? Could you please let me know if you are still bothered by the design of the flower box?
If the answer to this question is yes, we feel very honored to be able to help you with this issue.

There is a long history of us making flower gift packaging boxes for some of the most reputable brand merchants in the world. Moreover, we have a special paper tube machine that allows us to make flower boxes that are cylinder shaped.

It’s important to note that we have more than 100 different sizes of paper tube machines in our range, which are sizes that are relatively common, so we can certainly satisfy most customers' needs.

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How to make paper tube packaging boxes

Process for customizing paper tube packaging boxes

When custom-made paper tube packaging boxes is used for the first time, or if upcoming new products need customized paper tube packaging, there will be a lot of doubts about how to make paper tube packaging boxes. We all need to know the process involved in custom paper tube packaging.

For inspiration when designing new packaging, we need to look at many types of product packaging. Or we will look for a lot of creative packaging on Google, and some of the ideas have been modified into our packaging design so that So that packaging can attract the attention of consumers.

Secondly, after completing the preliminary packaging design, we continuously adjust the size of the packed boxes in line with the products. Logos are printed using bronzing, embossing, or other techniques. Does the paper tube packaging include a transparent window to increase product visibility.After extensive modifications, the final package design is determined and sent to the packaging manufacturer.

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The 8 best candy box packaging ideas

Any business' success relies heavily on custom packaging. To get sales, you need to customize your boxes, whether you're selling cosmetics or mouthwatering candies. Candies should be packaged in attractive boxes to maximize attention. Candy lovers are not just drawn to products, but also to creative packaging. In order to get customers to remember your brand forever, your packaging should be attractive, vibrant, and appealing.

Packaging for customers goes beyond putting a logo and name on the box. That's why candy brands are taking packaging to new heights. You should also invest in the product design to level up your business. Here are some creative and unique ways to pack candy packaging boxes.

3 (1)

Packaging with a minimalist design

A minimalist and simple design always gives your product a unique appearance. Choosing a plain box doesn't mean compromising on the design. To save money and make an impact on your customers, use a solid-color box with your logo on top. Your logo should match the box color. The white and dark color of the boxes portray your product as luxurious. A simple approach can also be achieved with window candy boxes.

White boxes with gold stamping

Creating candy packaging box with a high-end taste requires some unique and creative ideas. A white custom box with gold foil stamping will make your brand stand out. This will give the packaging a luxurious appearance. Customers will be attracted to products and brands with gold stamping. It gives your design a clean finish and makes you stand out from the crowd.

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Trends in the packaging industry for 2022

We still have a few months left in 2022, but the packaging industry has seen some interesting trends.Globally, the packaging industry has implemented and adapted to various industry trends, including e-commerce, technological advancement and sustainability.

Let's explore what the packaging industry has experienced so far and what to expect in the last few months of 2022!

Technology and packaging solutions merged

In actuality, smart packaging refers to a wide range of technologically advanced packaging solutions.

Businesses can monitor smart packaging's security, connectivity, and authentication easily.

Because the pandemic is still lingering worldwide, customers are seeking brands that can monitor and ensure the products they consume are sanitary.

Active packaging: interacts with the contents inside the packaging to extend its shelf life and/or improve its quality while being stored. Food packaging is commonly used to extend shelf life.

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Why Is Macaroon Packaging Box So Trendy?

Macrons are delicious and delicate sweets that people enjoy eating. The trend of sharing macrons on special occasions is also on the rise. Presenting macaroon packaging in a colorful and fancy box looks good. Traditionally, macaroon boxes are used for special occasions to give an ethereal presentation.

People of all ages are attracted to macaroons and custom macaroon boxes because of their vivid colors. With a small modification, it can be modified. Presentation is important if you are running a confectionery business, as it can raise customer interaction. For them to be valuable, it is necessary to work on their interface, including color combination, material, design, size, and lid cover design. An amazing role is played by customization in making the product stand out and attract buyers.

By using custom macron boxes wholesale, businessmen are inspired and can engage customers impressively. Creative, customized, and innovative packaging offers customers something incredible.    

Due to their incredible combination and presentation, macron boxes are loved by people. There are some trendy things about macron boxes that increase their popularity:

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What are the benefits of Kraft boxes Packaging in boosting product sales?

Kraft boxes packaing have transformed the world with their many uses. In addition to offering a number of features, they also offer a variety of products. People still prefer Kraft boxes over cardboard even though cardboard boxes are used in large numbers nowadays. Kraft packaging is made of pine wood, which adds to its quality and can be easily recycled. That is why they are considered to be the most user-friendly and eco-friendly boxes. Secondly, these boxes protect the product(s) during transportation because they are sturdy. Moreover, Kraft packaging is highly resistant to adverse climatic conditions such as humidity, heat, and even shock. Both manufacturers and customers prefer these boxes because of all their features.

How do Kraft Boxes Packaging help in Boosting Product Sales?

Product sales have been boosted by Kraft box packaging. In a number of industries, these boxes have been implemented as innovative packaging solutions. Especially for the retail industry, Kraft packaging is a viable solution. Besides grabbing the attention of the buyer, these boxes also increase sales for the company. Kraft box packaging helps to present your products and brands effectively, which helps your business to grow and generate more profit. These boxes are known for their durability, making them ideal for packaging items for long-term protection. How Kraft boxes can boost product sales? Keep reading!

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What You Need To Know About Custom Chocolate Boxes

Chocolate is a celebrated part of every culture in the world, and these lip-smacking sweets have been created by many people in different ways. Chocolate's packaging style plays an important role in getting recognition for your product and getting customers to purchase it. Here's everything you need to know about custom chocolate packaging boxes to engage customers and increase sales.

Special Packaging

Dark chocolate might be the cure for some sweet-ache for some of your customers, while Belgian chocolate may be the better choice for others. You need to package your delicious chocolates in an eye-catching manner in every case. In addition to their unique flavors, your chocolate packaging plays a huge role in their success.

Customized chocolate boxes are most important for their packaging style. The market place is filled with a huge variety of chocolates today, so most popular brands are focusing on the presentation of their products. Chocolates and brands are actually promoted by graphic design of packaging.

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The top trends for cosmetic boxes in 2022

Market demand for cosmetic items increases over time. The result is that hundreds of new brands are entering this competitive market. Being up-to-date with market trends is essential if you want to win the market. It does not only apply to cosmetic items. Instead, you should also follow the market trends when it comes to cosmetic boxes. In 2022, you can expect the following top trends in cosmetic boxes.

Small illustrations with a minimalist design

The minimalist design trend with small illustrated patterns will be one of the hottest trends we'll see this year. You do not need to use a random pattern to achieve this. Instead, the sample should relate to what is available in the items. Package design makes it easy for customers to understand what you are selling.

You will notice that there are a few complex patterns. Additionally, they are associated with small illustrations. Your customers will be able to see quickly what they can expect from your lipstick. A unique experience can eventually be provided to your customers.

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