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Packaging Box

How Long Does It Take To Sample Common Packaging Boxes?

The gift box that everyone often talks about is actually a paper gray board box with a layer of paper (thin coated paper or special paper) outside the gray board. What packaging box manufacturers hear most is that it takes a few days for proofing, and it is difficult to give a specific time without knowing the box. The packaging box is also divided into many kinds of materials, such as cardboard box, pit box, gray board box and so on. As for the gray board box, there are several box types, and each box type is also very different. Specifically, let’s take a look at how many days it takes for each packaging box to be customized. The above is the description of the packaging box manufacturer's proofing cycle for different box types. You can correspond to the time of the box you want to make.

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Packaging Box

What You Need To Know About Game Box Packaging

Despite how modern the world becomes, gaming never goes out of style, even if only briefly. Kids, teens, and adults of all ages love playing games box based on their preferences and interests. Globally, a variety of games are released every once in a while. It can be a board game or a video game, but its appearance fails to capture your audience's attention. It is essential to protect your products not only from damage but also from theft. There has been a lot of buzz lately about custom game boxes. The packaging world is constantly evolving, and custom packaging has been gaining in popularity. Packaging can be tailored to the brand's requirements just like the product itself. Keeping a good brand image and mastering all the possible ideas could be achieved by designing custom game boxes as follows:


Boxes Of Structural Stability:

Depending on the strength and durability of the box, there are different types. To protect products, it is crucial to select the right custom box. Corrugated boxes and normal cardboard boxes are both commonly used for shipping. The thickest and most durable of all game gift boxes are custom corrugated boxes. To enhance the material's strength and sturdiness, fluted corrugated sheets are layered between normal ones. A custom game box made of corrugated material is incredibly flexible and can assist to eliminate deformation due to external stress, humidity, or layering.

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Packaging Box

The way of making packaging box

In today's image-conscious world, the look of your packaging can prove to be very beneficial to your overall product and brand image. Soft-touch finishes are the way to make packaging boxes that change the look of cardboard folding cartons and cardboard boxes.

What is Soft Touch Coating?

The soft-touch coating is achieved during the production of the box and is popular because it dries quickly. This type of coating retains the color quality of the artwork design while providing a soft-touch feel on the surface. Soft-touch coatings are the most cost-effective soft-touch coatings on the market because of their ability to be used in the printing process.

Known for their resistance to fingerprints and wear marks, soft-touch coatings provide a high-quality finish in a single pass and are cost-effective. The coating can be changed depending on the surface thickness, making this finishing option a versatile and convenient solution for creating luxury packaging designs.

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