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What are the functions of corrugated boxes?

Corrugated cardboard boxes are a kind of carton packaging boxes, which are very popular among carton manufacturers and businessmen because they are lightweight, easy to print, and economical. Many bakeries and dessert houses use corrugated paper to make beautiful and compact cake trays or cake boxes, to package them and beautify them.

1. Environmental protection

Once upon a time, people used plastic bags to wrap their wares. When we go to the mall to buy something, the salesperson will pull out a simple bag to wrap the goods and offer them to us; this is the beginning of commodity packaging. However, as social and economic development has accelerated, many forms of industrial pollution and resource waste have depleted our planet's resources, and we are now confronting a severe lack of many natural resources. If we as humans do not love and conserve our resources, future generations will face a situation in which many resources are no longer available. As a result, many researchers have racked their brains and produced numerous objects that can save resources and be recycled. One of them is a corrugated cardboard box.

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Packaging Box

4 Typical Cosmetic Paper Box Materials

It's natural to feel overwhelmed or stuck with varied paper grades and weights. For example, whether the paper is best for retail packaging, the various types of finishes, applications, and printing processes available through specific paper or packaging solutions, and so on. Here are four common sorts of paper grades for bespoke cosmetic overwrap cartons that we hope this post can assist you with.

1. Clay-coated press baskets

Clay-coated press baskets (CCNB cartons) are manufactured from a combination of recycled newspapers, used corrugated boxes, and other forms of paper. Although CCNB is frequently a cost-effective and economical printing choice, there are some disadvantages to be aware of. This sort of cosmetic overwrap carton can absorb a lot of moisture due to its nature and composition, therefore if you are concerned about moisture harming your goods, you may not want to choose this choice.

2. Folding box board

Folding boxboard is manufactured using a combination of chemical and mechanical materials and processes to create several thick layers of pulp material, which adds extraordinary strength and durability. Because the paper's chemical layers are bleached, it provides an exceptional canvas on which to create high-quality prints, and this cosmetic outer carton material is stiffer than other grades of paper. Click here for Cosmetic Folding Box.

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Packaging Box

The Impact of Display Packaging Boxes on Your Brand

In order to make a purchase, a buyer first notices how a product is presented. Customers will be more likely to notice a product if it is displayed effectively on the counter shelf. As a result, displaying products so they peek out of boxes is highly beneficial. Display packaging boxes are a smart way to display products in retail stores. There are many reasons why brands use these boxes.

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Packaging Box

Types and benefits of custom retail boxes

Whether you are running an online business or selling or producing something in retail, your business needs the right packaging. Packaging itself plays an important role in getting your products sold. One of the most important parts of a marketing strategy is custom retail packaging boxes. Retail shelves are not only used for storing or securing products, but also to present them in a more pleasing way. Are you getting excited? Check out the various types and benefits of custom retail boxes below!

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Corrugated boxes: Appropriate for a Broad Range of Goods' Packaging

corrugated boxesIt's likely that the new appliances, monthly subscription box, or pair of shoes you just purchased from an online retailer will be transported in cardboard packaging. For many brands across numerous industries, corrugated boxes have replaced other types of packaging as the preferred option. They are better for shipping large and heavy objects because they are stronger than typical cardboard boxes. Moreover, corrugated mailer boxes wholesale can offer defense against moisture, bacteria, and other external factors that might deteriorate or harm the contents inside.

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Packaging Box

Cardboard Packaging Recyclability

Cardboard is a common and heavy-duty packaging material that is well-known for its durability. These boxes are prefabricated and are used to pack products such as glass wine bottles. Custom cardboard boxes sufficiently secure the contents and can be reused or recycled by the recipient. Such boxes are useful, especially when bottles need to be stored or transported. Cardboard is also recyclable, resulting in a low environmental impact.

Why Should You Recycle Cardboard?

Shipping generates a large number of cardboard boxes that must be discarded. Reusing and recycling cardboard should be part of your corporate social responsibility as a firm. It helps to preserve landfill space, decreases environmental deterioration, and supports green packaging solutions by requiring fewer trees to be cut down to manufacture new cardboard boxes. Furthermore, it reduces the quantity of energy used throughout the manufacturing process. Recycling uses 50% less energy and 90% less water than manufacturing new cardboard pieces. Furthermore, because cardboard is biodegradable, it emits far fewer hazardous emissions.

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