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Packaging Structures And Materials: Classification And Introduction

Commodity packaging structures come in a variety of styles. On the one hand, the formation of packaging structure is based on commodity packaging needs, such as protective needs, sales needs, and display needs; on the other hand, it is also based on packaging material characteristics, such as applicability and plasticity. Common packaging structures are classified into nine groups, and common packaging materials are classified into six groups. Let us now learn more about them:

Packaging Structures Classification and Introduction

1. TATA box

The box structure is commonly used for solid-state commodities for protection, stacking, transportation, and other purposes. The majority of the materials used are made of paper. Furthermore, they can be made of plastic, bamboo, wood, metal, or other materials.

2. Tank framework

It is commonly used to pack goods that contain liquid, liquid, and solid. It has good sealing, fresh preservation, and an extended service life. Furthermore, it is primarily made of metal materials (such as iron, aluminum alloy, and so on).

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