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A guide to choosing the right custom paper bag weight for your business

Choosing the right packaging for your business is extremely important. Hence, you should have a basic understanding of the weight of custom paper bags.

Paper bags must be selected according to their thickness and body, based on the business' needs. As we will see below, thickness and weight are two very different concepts.

How to measure custom paper bags (weight and thickness)?

Weight is defined as grams per square meter of paper.Thickness refers to the distance between the two sides of a sheet of paper.So, the two concepts are different, but they must complement each other when making and using bags.

This is important because some papers have more holes and can be thicker but lighter. For example, a coated glossy paper that has fewer pores and thus appears thinner.

In some papers, the porosity and thickness are greater, but the weight is lower, which is important. A paper with gloss and coating has fewer pores, so it looks thinner.

Weight is measured in grams per square meter (gr/m2). When a sheet of paper weighs 150 grams, it means that it contains 150 grams.Weights between 60 and 350 grams are printable. A paper bag weighing 100 grams can support a weight of 12 kilograms, which shows strength and endurance, and implies a lot of efficiency.

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Packaging Box

How To Choose Custom Shopping Bag Handles For Your Business?

Handles on paper bags play an important role in giving your business a more professional image. Different models come in different shapes and sizes, as well as being better suited for certain sectors. Here are all the details about the types of handles that are available and which one would be right for your business.

What Kind Of Paper Bag Handles Should You Use For Your Business?

There is a wide variety of handles that can be used on paper bags. Depending on the sector of the business, each of these types can be very useful to convey a certain image.

(Cord) Handle for ropes

The best known paper bags with cord handles are those made of kraft paper, especially if they are made of recycled paper. Among their main characteristics, these bags have thicker paper and, in addition, they are usually reinforced with cardboard, both in their base and at the mouth.

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Packaging Box

What is the Corrugated Box

For nearly a century, corrugated boxes have been widely used. They are the most common type of transport packaging (95% of North American consumer goods are shipped globally in corrugated boxes). They are used not only to move goods locally and internationally but also to showcase and promote retail goods. (Point of Purchase, or POP, displays)

Corrugated boxes are also being used as primary packaging rather than typical folding cartons. Corrugated is utilized in nearly every aspect and category of consumer goods.

Food and beverage

Office supplies




Building materials/tools


Corrugated boxes (also called "combined board," "corrugated fiberboard," or "corrugated board") are made up of two major components:

Both of these components are constructed of the same sturdy paper known as a containerboard.

1. Medium-center fluted (corrugated) material, often known as "corrugated medium"

2. Linerboard - the flat outer sheets of paper pasted to the medium

So, take a flat sheet of cardboard and create waves (sometimes known as "flutes"). Then, glue this fluted paper (now called "medium") to one or more pieces of another flat sheet of containerboard called "liner board." What you obtain is known as a "combined board." The combination board has a high strength-to-cost ratio and is highly recyclable. (In fact, it is recycled more than all other packaging materials combined.)

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