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3 Common Types of Boxes in the World of Packaging


Many people are perplexed by the various kinds of boxes and the interchangeable words used to describe them - Folding Boxes, Rigid Boxes, Set-up Boxes, Cardboard Boxes, Corrugated Boxes, Paperboard Boxes, and so on.

There could be exhaustive articles written on this subject, but I will attempt to simplify things for you here. There are three kinds of boxes used in packaging. All are made of different thicknesses of paper pulp.

1. Cartons That Open

Folding cartons (also known as paperboard cartons or paperboard boxes) are among the most prevalent types of boxes found in retail stores. Consider a cereal package - this is a folding carton.

2. Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes (also known as set-up boxes) are more durable and do not fold or collapse like folding containers. They are frequently, but not always, used for higher-end products with a high perceived worth. They are also used when the merchandise contained within is heavy and requires additional support. A rigid package is something like an iPhone box.

3. Cardboard Boxes

Corrugated boxes (also known as corrugated board, corrugated fiberboard, or combined board) are brown cardboard boxes that are frequently used to pack your possessions when you move to a new home.

Corrugated fiberboard is usually made up of three layers. Sandwiched between two exterior flat layers is a wavy or fluted layer. The fluted layer is where this paper product's strength resides.

Corrugated boxes, also known as "shipper boxes" or "master packs" in packaging, are mostly used to ship a company's retail-ready products to stores all over the country/world.

Corrugated is also frequently used as primary retail packaging, much like folding cartons. Here's an illustration of an unprinted corrugated retail box.

To summarize, the majority of consumer products will use all or most of the above-mentioned kinds of boxes to transport a single product from manufacturer to store shelves.

These three popular kinds of boxes are all made of varying thicknesses of paper pulp.

1. Foldable cartons (also known as paperboard boxes or cardboard cartons) (example: cereal box)

2. Solid Containers (also called Set-Up Boxes) (For instance, iPhone Case, Jewelry Box)

3. Corrugated Boxes (also known as Corrugated Fiberboard, Shipper Boxes, or Cardboard Boxes) are commonly used in shipping and retail settings.

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