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4 Typical Cosmetic Paper Box Materials


It's natural to feel overwhelmed or stuck with varied paper grades and weights. For example, whether the paper is best for retail packaging, the various types of finishes, applications, and printing processes available through specific paper or packaging solutions, and so on. Here are four common sorts of paper grades for bespoke cosmetic overwrap cartons that we hope this post can assist you with.

1. Clay-coated press baskets

Clay-coated press baskets (CCNB cartons) are manufactured from a combination of recycled newspapers, used corrugated boxes, and other forms of paper. Although CCNB is frequently a cost-effective and economical printing choice, there are some disadvantages to be aware of. This sort of cosmetic overwrap carton can absorb a lot of moisture due to its nature and composition, therefore if you are concerned about moisture harming your goods, you may not want to choose this choice.

2. Folding box board

Folding boxboard is manufactured using a combination of chemical and mechanical materials and processes to create several thick layers of pulp material, which adds extraordinary strength and durability. Because the paper's chemical layers are bleached, it provides an exceptional canvas on which to create high-quality prints, and this cosmetic outer carton material is stiffer than other grades of paper. Click here for Cosmetic Folding Box.

3. Solid bleached sulfate board

Solid bleached sulfate is the pinnacle of product packaging; similar to folding boxboard, it is made by chemically pulping and then bleaching the fibers. The bleached pulp takes on the shape of a box after this process. Because the box is white on both the inside and exterior, it is a superior option for going in and out of printed items. You can also utilize this grade of packaging for high-quality specific procedures such as on-site UV printing, embossing, foil stamping, and so on.

4. Kraft paper or coated unbleached kraft paper

Kraft paper packaging is manufactured from recycled materials, making it an excellent alternative for environmentally conscious businesses wishing to adopt a more environmentally responsible packaging style. It is the preferred cosmetic outer carton because of its exceptional strength and tear-resistant construction. It can also be coated with a thin coating of kaolin to facilitate higher-quality printing.

At Xianda Packaging, we package everything in our company so that you don't have to. Contact us immediately for a full consultation if you have any queries, are unclear about which options to select, or would want more information on the different types and grades of paper available and customizing your cosmetic overwrap cartons.

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