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Advantages of kraft cosmetic box packaging


Kraft cosmetic box packaging is already well-known in the realm of printed packaging. When it comes to sustainable and eco-friendly packaging, it's difficult to find packaging that doesn't use this robust paper in some form or fashion, from acting as a strong filler in the packaging you receive to beautifully wrapping gift boxes. Now that you know how kraft paper is manufactured, the next question is, what does it accomplish for your business?

1. Kraft paper adds natural beauty with timeless charm

If you want to represent your company as a champion of the environment, kraft cosmetic box packaging, with its simple, appealing, and unique design, can help you reach that goal. It distinguishes itself from mass-produced paper packaging merely by being more rustic. Furthermore, kraft paper will not add much weight to your custom boxes while still providing excellent durability. This means you get packages that can tolerate rougher handling and shuffling while still being less expensive to ship.

2. Kraft paper is extremely strong and can be used to make custom kraft paper packaging boxes

Kraft cosmetic box packaging is constructed in a way that contributes to its inherent sturdiness. It can, however, be strengthened and improved by using pressed paper coated with E or polyethylene. This also protects the kraft paper from moisture and germs, though one disadvantage is that the coating affects how easily it can be recycled. If you require greater durability, use multiple layers of kraft paper to create a stronger kraft box for your packaging.

3. Brown kraft paper is good for the environment

Unlike traditional paper manufacturing and printing techniques, kraft cosmetic box packaging employs a simpler and less toxic method. Furthermore, these compounds may be collected, repurposed, and reused without losing quality. Tall oil and turpentine are residual byproducts of the kraft paper process that can be employed in the production of other commodities. Kraft paper can also be created from a variety of woods. Certain woods, such as bamboo and pine, are rarely utilized in the production of traditional paper. Pine has an excessive resin content, and bamboo takes a long time to process effectively, making it prohibitively expensive for most usual applications. However, both main types of wood benefit from the kraft paper process.

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