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Cosmetic Packaging Box of Six Paper Materials


In addition to relying on product upgrading and optimisation and fast service to win, cosmetics enterprises, exquisite cosmetic packaging is becoming more and more important. By customising cosmetic gift boxes can make consumers desire to buy, thus stimulating consumption.

So it is said that in a society that looks at the value of the face, a good-looking skin care packaging outside is indispensable. If you want to have good sales in the market, you not only need to have excellent strength of your own products, but also need to have a good packaging box to hit the bottom. 

Beautiful and exquisite cosmetic packaging box is really can drive the sales of cosmetics.Selection of good materials for packaging design is very important for cosmetic packaging box manufacturers. The more common ones, such as uncovered boxes and sky and earth boxes, have certain requirements for the hardness of the material.

Outer packaging box for box cover and box bottom depression shortcomings is very difficult to see, therefore, the hardness of the paper material and pressure resistance are key. So what are the specific materials? What are the characteristics of these materials? Here we will briefly introduce:

1 gold and silver cardboard

Paper firm, colour and lustre, paper surface smooth, dense, poor penetration and absorption of printing ink, but hot stamping, hit the embossing, embossing and other process effects are better, commonly used in luxury make-up gift box packaging box surface and lining and corporate book covers. 

skincare serum set boxFace Treatment Essence box

Gold and silver cardboard is different from white cardboard, the front of gold and silver cardboard is gold or silver, and the back is white, although there is some difference in the colour of each batch, but within a reasonable range of error is allowed.

If you are more strict on the colour difference requirements, then you must first take the paper for comparison, or first sample and then confirm whether it is feasible. The general gold and silver cardboard is used more in the stamping process, with a strong metallic effect.

2 White cardboard

Firm and thick, with a high degree of stiffness, breakage resistance and smoothness, paper surface flat, commonly used thickness of 210 grams - 400 grams, with more 250 grams, with white cardboard printed out the effect of full colour, paper texture is very good. Can be used to do cosmetics single box. That can be ordinary printing can also be reversed UV.

It is a common material for cosmetic packaging boxes of custom manufacturers. This material can ensure that the colour does not fall off after the surface process because of the high colour reproduction. If you like a strong sense of art design, you can choose the white cardboard material to make a sense of art, printing colourful colours, hot stamping large areas of gold and silver, screen printing UV to make the local bright and so on can be very good.

3 black cardboard

Paper delicate, translucent black, firm and thick, good folding resistance, flat and smooth surface, good tensile strength, high degree of resistance to breakage, commonly used thickness of 120 grams -350 grams of black cardboard inside and outside are black, so you can not print colourful patterns, only suitable for hot stamping, hot stamping silver, UV and so on.

4 kraft paper

With high tensile strength, high strength, usually brown-yellow, tear resistance, rupture and high dynamic strength, widely used in cosmetics, shopping bags, envelopes, etc., commonly used thickness of 120 grams -300 grams of natural paper, suitable for printing single-color or two-color and uncomplicated colour.

The whiteness of white kraft paper is whiter than white cardboard, and does not need to be glued or oiled to keep the colour from falling off, a lot of small fresh cosmetic packaging box material is used white cow.

Yellow kraft paper is more suitable for vintage packaging, and there are many types of kraft paper, each type of each batch of kraft paper colour is different. If the paper colour has special requirements of the company, we should try to avoid the use of kraft paper.

5 coated paper

Paper surface is very smooth and flat, double-sided white, high whiteness, good gloss, can make the printing of graphic images with a three-dimensional sense of commonly used thickness of 128 grams -300 grams, coated paper printing effect and white card, as well as the same, the colour is full of bright, stiffness is not as good as white cardboard.

6 special paper

Paper flexible, texture pattern is diverse, colourful, with wear-resistant, stain-resistant, moisture-proof, moth-proof, folding resistance, etc.; used in hot-stamping and silver-stamping and hit the embossing, hot branding and other processes, commonly used language books, albums, certificates of the framing and brand cosmetic boxes outside of the decorative. Using distinctive speciality paper to customise high-end cosmetic boxes is the best skincare packaging solution to attract customers to buy and realise big cosmetic sales.

Custom cosmetic set boxskincare toner set packaging box

As there are many types, you can find paper to test according to your needs. For example, some paper comes with special grain, some paper is very very bright and many other effects, if you simply pick it is not always possible to make the desired effect, so you can test before manufacturing.

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