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Making Paper Tube Packaging Boxes


1. Process of customizing paper tube packaging

Custom-made paper tube packaging product brands or upcoming new product sales will need to customize the paper tube packaging for the first time, and there will be questions about how to make paper tube packaging boxes. We all need to understand the process of custom paper tube packaging.

Before we customize the packaging, we need to look at a variety of product packaging to get ideas for designing new packaging. Alternatively, we will search for a variety of creative packaging on Google, and some of the ideas will be incorporated into our packaging design so that it will catch the attention of consumers. Click here to view Tube Box.

Second, once the preliminary packaging design is complete, we continuously adjust the size of the packed boxes based on the products. LOGO employs bronzing, embossing, and other printing techniques. Whether the paper tube packaging includes a clear window to increase product visibility... The final package design is determined and sent to the packaging manufacturer after extensive modifications.

After determining the packaging design, scheduling production without paper tube proofing will result in inconsistent product packaging with expectations, even if the entire product plan is not realized, and the product will not be available on time. Without the confirmation of packaging samples, the entire product plan and even the brand plan will be jeopardized.

After confirming that the package samples are as expected, production can be scheduled. The production time must be strictly controlled, and the delivery time must be at least one week ahead of schedule. During the packaging manufacturing process, you can contact the international freight forwarder ahead of time so that the international freight forwarder can deliver the goods and the paper tube product package to the destination on time.

2. Custom round box packaging must be considered.

High-quality product packaging can reflect the high quality of the product, whether it is cosmetic packaging, food packaging, essential oil packaging, or shirt packaging. Consumers frequently use product packaging as an important criterion for evaluating products and brands. High-quality product packaging necessitates the following considerations:

Select the appropriate material.

The same color of packaging, but a different material, and the product's display effect is completely different. Although black is frequently used as the background color for essential oil packaging or perfume packaging, the effects of black touch paper, black kraft paper, diagonal vellum paper, black crepe paper, and other papers on the packaging are vastly different. When creating custom packaging, we should compare a variety of materials before deciding on the best material for the product and brand display.

Select the appropriate thickness of the paper tube.

For packaging requirements, different products have different weights and load-bearing capacities. The multilayer tube can be manufactured to the desired thickness of the paper tube because it is made from a single sheet of paper by a coiler. When designing cylinder packaging for heavy products, we must fully consider the load-bearing capacity of paper tube packaging.

3. Saving money on custom paper tube packaging

All product brands share the goal of lowering the total cost of custom packaging. The cost of custom paper tube packaging has a significant impact on the total cost of the product, which has a direct impact on the product's sales price and market competitiveness. The following recommendations can help you reduce the cost of manufacturing paper tubes:

Choose a pre-existing paper tube mold.

Since we are a custom paper tube packaging manufacturer, we have produced a wide range of product packaging for thousands of brands. Our existing paper tube molds can produce thousands of different types. The cylinder mold's diameter ranges from 15mm to 181mm. The existing paper tube has a diameter of 181mm and a length of (15+2n)mm. You can select an existing one based on the product. The mold will save between $300 and $500 in mold costs. A single paper tube package can be significantly reduced in price for a small amount of custom packaging.

Choose to ship by sea.

Seaborne transportation is typically one-fifth or less of the cost of air transportation. We must set aside enough time to arrange for the shipping of goods, which will save us a lot of money on transportation.

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