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Perfume Packaging Design Research Based On Consumption Experience


The history of packaging design is extensive. It is a one-of-a-kind design created by the interaction of consumers and commodities. It begins with practicality, progresses to aesthetics, and finally culminates in humanization. To some extent, modern perfume packaging design is due to the value pursuit of perfume packaging after packaging design and economic development. In modern society, perfume packaging design is a combination of external appearance and attraction of perfume's inner spiritual pursuit, as well as a kind of value transmission to the intrinsic quality of perfume. Perfume packaging design inherits the intrinsic functions of packaging design first, followed by the expression of perfume connotation and taste, and finally achieves the unified value of perfume and its perfume through consumer psychology and social value.

1. Consumer perception of perfume packaging

Consumption experience refers to the interaction between people and products during consumers' daily consumption activities. It is the process of personal experiences and feelings of consumers. In this process, consumption is the process of generating consumption experience and self-imagination. Consumption evolves into the process of satisfying and creating multiple experiences for consumers. Perfume packaging design is for people to serve, so one of the ideas in packaging design is advocating and humanistic perception. Humanistic perception performance is primarily perceived after design from the perspectives of vision, touch, smell, and so on. The perception of the outer packaging design of perfume, such as fonts, graphics, logos, and so on, contributes to visual perception.

Second, the perception of perfume container modeling, such as fancy exaggeration container modeling, the use of bright and colorful colors, and the design of perfume bottle caps. Through the first impression, these can capture consumers' visual senses. In a tactile sense, consumers can feel the change in perfume packaging more intuitively through bump printing. In terms of perfume quality, a good sense of smell is an extension of perfume quality. The most important factor in perfume sales is the sense of smell. The choice of packaging material and the transmission of material smell, whether direct or indirect, give consumers the impression that it is a perfume complement. As a result, olfactory perception design on perfume packaging is an important part of human perception. It promotes odor exchange between people and products and increases the attractiveness of perfume through odor transmission.

2. The perfume packaging design success factor

The history of perfume development and the history of perfume packaging design has summed up the success factor of perfume packaging design. The key elements of perfume packaging design are to seize several significant aspects, such as perfume packaging positioning accuracy, deep integration of perfume package design concept and perfume content, novel and popular perfume packaging concept, and orderly arrangement of packaging design elements. The outer box packaging is an important factor in the success of perfume packaging design.

The first is the grade positioning of perfume products in packaging, and the location determines the price of perfume and the crowd-oriented. The high level of integration between the packaging design concept and the perfume connotation embodies the unity of perfume and packaging design, giving people a sense of integration and preventing consumers from purchasing and using different products. We should pay attention to temperament and interest methods in packaging design so that consumers can feel the profound significance so that every perfume consumer can be embraced by new objects, enjoy the hazy feeling brought about by use, and provide spiritual satisfaction. Whether it is graphics, color, modeling, or the sense of touch, vision, and taste of packaging text, texture, texture, etc., the centralized elements collaborate to form the overall image of commodity value and give consumers a unified sense of deep thinking.

We should make consumers feel as if they have it in the packaging of the outer box. They must rack their brains to have it after they can't put it down. Finally, if the crowd's positioning deviation is small, the attraction of the outer box will become a commodity and reflect the commodity's value. The key elements of perfume packaging design are to convey the correct crowd information through the appropriate collocation of design concepts and packaging concepts, as well as to create intangible appeal for consumers. Then, through the design of packaging modeling, two promotional activities are carried out so that consumers can establish a unified purchase in a visual sense, touch sensing, and taste perception, and ultimately achieve sales results.

3. Perfume packaging consumer positioning

Modern perfume packaging models can be designed for luxury, ordinary, small samples, and trial wear, based on the different economic incomes of consumers. With a general capacity of 50-100ml, luxurious modern perfume packaging is noble, beautifully crafted, and beautifully decorated. Its purpose is to emphasize the luxurious and graceful air feeling. It is described as "compelling." The modern perfume packaging emphasizes the perfume's characteristics, the interior decoration is relatively restrained, and the general capacity is 30-50ML. The modern perfume is also known as Q perfume because it is the most popular perfume product on the market. Generally only 5-15ml capacity, similar to regular perfume packaging, small size, cute, easy to carry, primarily for young people with low income who enjoy various types of perfume products. Modern perfume packaging is typically composed of slender small test tubes with minimal decoration, prominent practical principles, and a very small capacity. It is typically used as a supplementary product in marketing promotions.

Modern perfume is marketed to a specific gender and age group. Perfume for young girls is typically made up of elegant, warm colors. The majority of modeling techniques are figurative, and the more intense shape is the source of design or the cute or Elf old ghosts. They frequently employ decorative techniques to enhance the natural and dreamy romantic style. The majority of the costumes are perfumed with sweet and fruity scents. This modeling method can soothe the consumer's little girl's hazy mood while also touching on the girl's romantic feelings. It is aimed at middle-aged women who wear perfume. In general, the packaging modeling method can be used in a symmetrical form to carry out the design, using soft and slender lines to sculpt, displaying graceful, graceful, and gorgeous styling curves. The modern perfume packaging created using this modeling method is elegant and leisurely. It has a long and quiet aroma and embodies details in simplicity.

The general design of the perfume used by elderly women focuses on the choice of colors and the cumbersome details. The most common rhythmic style is to use a lot of dots and lines to reflect the amazing style and draw inspiration from the complicated fashion trend. The style is elegant and luxurious, but it is consistent. Male perfume bottles usually have hard lines as the main style, and the majority of the colors are cold colors. The pursuit of simple and pleasant expressions of joy, with transparent and transparent materials to give people the impression of tenderness in the hard and soft, the general smell of fresh perfume, and children's perfume container design mostly decide simple, and naive modeling, feel soft and plump. The decoration is simple and follows the pragmatism principle, with lively and lively colors.

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