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Select The Appropriate Paper Bags for Your Company


Guide to Custom Paper Bag Weight

Selecting the appropriate packaging for your type of business is crucial. As a result, you must understand the fundamentals of custom paper bag weight.

Depending on the particular requirements of the company, you must consider the thickness and body of the paper when selecting paper bags. However, as we shall see below, thickness and weight are two entirely different ideas and should not be confused.

How Are the Weight and Thickness of Paper Bags Measured?

A paper's weight is expressed in grams per square meter.

The space between a piece of paper's two sides is referred to as its thickness.

As a result, while the two ideas are distinct, they must be combined when creating and utilizing the bags.

It is significant because some papers can have higher porosity and thinner walls while still weighing less. For instance, a coated gloss paper type appears thinner because it has fewer pores. The unit of weight is grams per square meter or gr/m2. A sheet of paper measuring one square meter, for instance, weighs 150 grams. Weights in the range of 60 to 350 grams are printable. To put it into perspective, a 100-gram paper bag can support up to 12 kilograms of weight, indicating strength, endurance, and efficiency.

Weight-Based Paper Bag Types Most Popular by Business Type

Paper bags must have varying weights because their intended uses and particular requirements vary. Although there are more durable paper bags that weigh fifty grams per square meter, the most widely used ones typically weigh thirty-five grams. The weight increases to customer preferences, the need for durability, and the requirements for loading the bags. We describe which weight kinds are best for paper bags based on the kind of business.

Bags from pharmacies and bakeries are 30. Supermarkets and clothes stores typically use between fifty and one hundred bags. Higher weights that could weigh more than 12 kg can be used, keeping in mind that additional capacity might be needed to support weight. Additionally for supermarkets or shops where the merchandise has a greater weight limit. The most common weights for brown kraft paper bags are between 90 and 120 grams per square meter. However, there are heavier weights for specific bags that are meant to last a long time but cannot support heavier weights. For instance, purses for boutiques selling lingerie, perfume, or specialty items like jewelry. In these situations, the weights will convey a sense of luxury and quality, but they are not required to support heavier loads.

Paper Bag Handle Types

Paper bag handle styles play a critical role in improving the perception of your company. Remember that there are various models and that some are better suited for certain industries than others. We provide you with all the information about the various handle types and which works best for each type of business below.

Numerous handle options are available for paper bags. Depending on the industry of the business, each of these types can be very helpful in projecting a particular image due to its distinct features.

1. Handle of rope (cord)

Among the most popular types of paper bags are those with a cord handle, particularly when they are composed of kraft paper. It should be highlighted that two of its primary characteristics are that these bags typically have cardboard reinforcements at the mouth and base, as well as bags with thicker paper.

Rope (Cord) Handle

One style of bag with a cord handle that is available is made of patent leather paper, which gives it a more sophisticated appearance and shine. The way these bags are presented is truly exceptional. This type includes bases and side bellows; furthermore, they can be produced in various configurations. Some have windows, some are narrower, and some are taller. This kind of paper bag is adaptable.

Their finish, elegance, and luminosity, along with their various formats, make them the most popular in high-end apparel, jewelry, and fragrance stores. Likewise, they also adjust flawlessly if bottles need to be transported.

2. Ribbon Grab

Ribbon Handle

Ribbon is frequently used to adorn a variety of presents, tokens of appreciation, and other objects. A quick ribbon transplant will transform an ordinary paper gift bag into a work of art. Just insert the ends of the ribbon through the holes on the inside of the bag and secure them with knots. Four varieties of ribbon are available: cotton ribbon, satin ribbon with larger stitches, satin ribbon, and special ribbon for more specialized needs.

3. Loop Control

Loop Handle

Another kind of bag that is available is one with loop handles. Since the handles on this type of handle are welded inside the bag itself, they have the added benefit of being much more flexible and resistant. which contributes to its excellent wearability. They are also very practical because they can carry almost any product, add a unique and beautiful touch, and are very affordable. Furthermore, it is typically reusable, considering that you can personalize it with your company's logo or brand. They typically come in a multitude of colors and sizes. It is also among the most popular types in upscale clothing, jewelry, and perfume shops.

4. Curly, Twisted Handle

You should be aware that twisted handle bags are incredibly easy to use and practical. Its special qualities are consistent and cost-effective when it comes to moving heavier products. To increase stability, these are often made of recyclable materials and feature side and base bellows.

These bags come in a variety of formats, the most popular of which are vertical (the most basic), elongated, or landscaped. They are also quite elegant and convenient to transport. They come in a wide range of colors, including white, blue, green, and red, and can be customized. There are also bags in gold and silver tones to add a more stylish touch.

Among other reasons, their ergonomic handles make them the most popular bags. Since they are a little more costly than the previous ones, these are the standard ones in companies that sell more expensive goods. The industries of crafts, cosmetics, and leather goods are a few good examples.

5. Level Grab

The most basic kind of paper bag available on the market is this one, which has a flat handle. These are incredibly useful, reasonably priced, and most importantly, sturdy bags. They are very similar to bags with coiled handles, but they have the unique feature of having flat handles that fold inward for easy storage. They can also be customized to your specifications so that they match the business, as they are made in a variety of colors and formats. Because they are so affordable and durable, they are typically the most well-liked items in the stores. Since they are easily stored, it is common to find them at fairs, exhibitions, and events.

6. Die-Cut Strapping

In this instance, the handles of the bags are integrated into the bag itself, making them lightweight, straightforward, and cost-effective. They are incredibly portable. In addition, they are available in numerous colors and designs and have different formats and sizes, so that they fully adapt to your needs. They are the perfect bags for haberdasheries, stationery stores, or accessories stores. That is bags that are used to transport items that have little volume and are quite light. As you can see, there are a variety of paper bags with different handles. In addition, to be able to customize these bags with your logo or brand, you have the option to choose different sizes and colors. Do you already know which ones you are going to choose for your business?

They also come in a variety of colors and patterns, as well as sizes and formats, so they can perfectly suit your needs. These are the ideal bags for accessories, stationery, and haberdasher shops. That is, they are bags meant to carry relatively light and low-volume items. There are numerous paper bags with various handles, as you can see. You can also select different sizes and colors so that you can personalize these bags with your brand or logo. Which ones have you already decided to go with for your company?

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