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What are the functions of corrugated boxes?


Corrugated cardboard boxes are a kind of carton packaging boxes, which are very popular among carton manufacturers and businessmen because they are lightweight, easy to print, and economical. Many bakeries and dessert houses use corrugated paper to make beautiful and compact cake trays or cake boxes, to package them and beautify them.

1. Environmental protection

Once upon a time, people used plastic bags to wrap their wares. When we go to the mall to buy something, the salesperson will pull out a simple bag to wrap the goods and offer them to us; this is the beginning of commodity packaging. However, as social and economic development has accelerated, many forms of industrial pollution and resource waste have depleted our planet's resources, and we are now confronting a severe lack of many natural resources. If we as humans do not love and conserve our resources, future generations will face a situation in which many resources are no longer available. As a result, many researchers have racked their brains and produced numerous objects that can save resources and be recycled. One of them is a corrugated cardboard box.

2. A variety of styles

Corrugated cardboard is created from recyclable pulp. It is simple to recycle and does not emit dangerous gases to the human body or the environment. Corrugated boxes are extremely pliable, and their material allows designers to create boxes in a wide range of forms and designs. Nowadays, corrugated cartons on the market are employed as outer boxes for showing goods as well as cartons for shipping goods, and he has been updated from the essence.

3. Customized logos are available

On the outside of corrugated boxes, personalized trademarks and advertising logos can be readily printed. Many merchants, to promote the brand of goods, print the corporate brand and advertising slogan on the outside packaging of goods; this promotion strategy can be highly effective in convincing consumers that the goods belong to that brand. Making it easier for customers to buy promotes the brand and increases corporate revenue.

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