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Why Do Famous International Skincare Brands Succeed in Selling Well?


Skincare packaging design is one of the keys to success or failure. In this paper, the successful cases and insights of skincare packaging design are elaborated in detail from three aspects, namely, brand objectives, creative design and material selection.

It introduces the successful packaging design cases of Lancôme, Estee Lauder, Shiseido and other brands, and also shares some insights on packaging design, including determining the brand objectives, focusing on user experience, material selection and so on. Through the reading of this article, you will have a better understanding of the importance of skin care packaging design, and how to improve brand image and product value through packaging design.

Brand objectives

In skincare gift box design, the brand objective is crucial, which needs to define the brand's value, style and target consumers. Only by grasping the brand goal, can we stand out in the many competing brands.

Lancôme, as one of the famous international skincare brands, is deeply rooted in the principle that "female beauty is the expression of self-confidence and ability". Lancôme uses a lot of metal materials and smooth lines in its packaging design, emphasising its elegant and graceful brand image.

Estée Lauder, on the other hand, emphasises luxury and high quality, using expensive metal materials and a large number of diamonds in its beauty packaging design, aiming to raise its brand image to the level of a top luxury brand.

Through the above brand cases, it can be seen that the brand objectives are different, focusing on the importance of brand objectives for deluxe skincare set boxes.

Creative skincare water lotion packaging box design

Creative design is an important and indispensable factor in personal care products box packaging design, which makes the packaging has a unique visual characteristics and high recognition. A successful packaging design needs to grasp the needs and preferences of consumers, as well as pay attention to social culture and fashion trends.

creative makeup brush packaging box

As one of the world's leading skincare brands, Shiseido has implemented a minimalist style in its packaging design, reflecting the brand's traditional Japanese heritage and modern concepts. Its choice of materials makes good use of cultural elements such as porcelain and bamboo, and through design innovation, it seeks to promote the brand globally and win the favour of the younger generation.

Similarly, Clinique's packaging design pays more attention to consumer needs and habits. With its natural and gentle formula, Clinique rides on the momentum to create a new generation of health and beauty. At the same time, the cosmetics packaging design from the simple, bright theme to create a distinctive brand image.

The choice of materials

Material selection is an extremely important part of facial care serum packaging design, which can directly affect the consumer's impression of product quality and brand image. Suitable material selection can add a lot of colour to the skincare lotion packaging design, which can be used to achieve the story of creative design.

Tom Ford's brand image aims to convey a sense of quality and luxury. For this purpose, the brand uses high-quality leather materials, as well as a variety of metal materials. It promotes the right attitude towards life and conveys a noble and elegant lifestyle.

In contrast, Burt's Bees focuses more on naturalness and sustainability. The brand deliberately chooses economical and practical paper packaging with low energy consumption and clean lines, reflecting the brand's values in a sustainable way.


The success or failure of cosmetic box set packaging design is related to brand image and product value. Brand objectives, creative design and material selection are the three core elements in skincare essence box design. Reasonable brand objectives, excellent creative makeup set box design and excellent material selection can enhance brand recognition and consumer awareness and goodwill.

hexagon shape box for makeup sponge set

Through the introduction of this article, I believe that readers can get successful inspiration and enlightenment from it, and provide valuable help for their own product promotion and packaging design.

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